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I had the pleasure of re-discovering the work of Cynthia Sheppard thanks to this week’s One Fantastic Week podcast interview.

Her emotive subject matter and style spanning digital and traditional does not cease to impress!  Cynthia lives in Washington, DC and creates figurative work for books and games.

You can also watch a video of her painting process for “Omens” here.

Because Cynthia’s fantastic art is worth a re-blog!

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Artist, Ryan Lang, has created these supremely cool character portraits from Disney’s Gargoyles, my favorite cartoon series from the 90’s.  He’s finally finished Demona, one of the most compelling characters from the series!  I’ll update this set as he does more.

Gargoyles was the first show I watched with a multiracial female protagonist (Elisa Maza), the first show in my childhood to take kids seriously with deep, complex plots, and the first show to introduce me to Shakespeare AND mythology all in one punch.

They just don’t make them like they used to!

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